Turkey Buster 2006, Otter Creek Park

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#1 The Gobblers. Howard Smith, Paul Rose, Bob Belen.

#2Fastest Lap award accidentally awarded to Jon Kindig (AV-USA / GooseCreekCycle.com) and a bag of doughnuts (unattached)instead of Jon and Christoph (PTP?)

#3 Dustin Greer gets cash for being fast

#4 Gene caught selling EPO to the Steve Wilson (Woodenwave)

#5 from L to R Taylor Ladd, Erick Scelzi and Eddie Ladd

#6 Christoph (who should have had the fastest lap), Gene (whos head glows), Damon Brown (Thuggin it out with the hat on sideways), and Brad Oakley

#7 ET, Judd Myers and Dustin Greer

#8 "If I could just get you all to line up in order of height...", David Hays and Keith Cottongim (The GooseCreekCycle.com ringers) take home some hardware

#9 Steve Wilson and Jim Scelzi

#10 UK team takes the Coed Race by storm let by UK student#1, UK student #2, and Mitchell Kersting (AV-USA / UK cycling)

#11 Gene caught on film checking out Kiersta Tuckers crank while she sleeps

#12 Who says biohazards can't be fun? John Hughson take the toxic chainring.


#14 Jon and Gene again

#15 Time to start in on bottle #2, Paul Rose Grabs a bottle of Makers

#16 Bob Belen and Paul Rose

#17 "Finally I get to steal liquer from the kids!!" ,Landon Wilson, Jim Scelzi (accepting for the young ones), John Scelzi, and Richard Scelzi

#18 Steve Wilson

#19 Kiersta again

#20 At least one bottle of Makers stayed out of Wooden Wave hands, and the Agisko/Viner Boys get to put a little Makers in their Kinetic Koffee

#21"Marvin stumbels through the door he says he got a buck,
He was commin'from the wayside and he hit it with his truck.
And Gene Cracks another beer saying "its time to celebrate!"
Marvin got the first buck since 1968!
Oh its the second week of deer camp
and all the guys are here
We drink, Ride Bikes and shoot the bull but never shoot no deer...