Can't Get your bike to us? 

Let us come to you!!

General Service

We bring the benefits of a full service bike shop to your home, and can handle all standard repairs.  We have some special pricing for some common issues,  but otherwise if you live within 10 miles of our shop you just pay our normal low service rates plus a $15 service visit fee and you never need to leave the house.

If for any reason the service cannot be completed at your home or within the time window we agree upon,  we will simply bring your bike back to the shop finish it here and return it to you when we are done.

Call for a free quote: 502-938-0004

We will do our best to determine what needs to be done and how long it will take.  All you need to do is provide the work space.   Preferably you have some room in the garage,  but we often work outdoors but may have to reschedule outdoor appointments in the event of inclement weather.

Special Deals!!!!!

No added service visit fee!!!

Fix a Flat - $20

For a standard tubed tire,  we will come to you and replace the tube in your tire.  (Cost of tube is included).   We also do an assessment  to determine why you went flat,  any bring along service parts to remedy common problems like defective tires or rim strips.   Cost of these parts may be extra.

Build a Bike - Kids $50, Adult $65

So you just found a great deal on a bike online.  Step 2 is to make sure it is assembled properly and safe to ride.

We will come assemble the bike and make sure all the components are working properly using the same checklist we use to assemble new bikes here at the shop.  When we are done we will haul off and dispose of the box and packing material leaving you with just your beautifully working bike.