Goose Creek Cycle started in 2005 as a side project in the basement of an old building overlooking Little Goose Creek.   Driven by a pure passion for riding it has grown into two shops in LaGrange and Louisville, KY.

Both shops have a full service department,  and extensive inventories from top brands like Specialized, Free Agent, KHS and Airborne,DK and Verde.   We are more than just the place you come when you need a repair.   We are the place where people come together and share a passion.

Meet the Team

From self supported bike tours,  World Championships, local short track, adventure travel to just pulling your kid in a trailer around the park.   Someone here has done it.

Jon Kindig

Grease Monkey

The Original Bike Geek behind Goose Creek.

  • 5 bids at the solo 24 hour World Championship in the Pro/Open class
  • 6 bids at the US National 24 hour Championships  including 1 podium finish.
  • 1 - 8000 mile self supported cross country tour.
  • 3 years coaching a high school Mountain Bike team
  • more miles on a fixed gear bike than anyone really should have.
  • Over 15 years of experience fixing bikes in Bike shops

"Each bike has a story.  What makes a bike truly yours is not the purchase of the bike but the experiences you have with it.  Each scratch in the frame, each upgrade, each worn out part comes with a story that you share with your bike.  So on the day when you finally look at your bike and see not a collection of parts and pieces, but a collection of stories and experiences,  that is the day you know the bike is truly yours.   As your mechanic I am honored to be part of that experience"


Beard maintenance coordinator

Ever have one of those crazy bike ideas like "hey, I want to ride a 100 mile ride in the middle of a snowy night in December just to see if I can"  or "Wouldn't it be cool to mount gigantic speakers from the 80's on my fat bike and ride in with the guys racing Ironman"?   Don't worry, you are not alone.  We all have those thoughts,  just Pete in crazy enough to actually do them.  So whatever your idea,  Pete can give you pointers because he has probably already done it.

Also as a certified fit technician and connoisseur of obscure bike parts,  Pete can help you make sure not only that your bike is unique to you, but fits you like a glove.

Kyle Schwedler

Head Shop Ninja - LaGrange

The man with WAY too many road miles under his belt. With three bids at the National 24 Hour Challenge and countless starts in local road races,  Kyle is our resident tech geek.    While he won't admit to actually having a motor in his bike, it is actually a little suspicions how savvy he is with electronics.   So if you have a question about electronic shifting, power meters, online racing or power trainers,  Kyle has probably owned and used it.

Also if you  ordered a custom bike from the shop.   You should know that Kyle is most likely the one who built it.   Even if you picked it up at Westport Road.

Noah Gravitt

Shop Ninja.


If you want to hit some fun local trails or talk free ride bike,  Noah is you guy to follow.   If there is something in town you can jump off of, he has probably ridden a wheelie there and then jumped it.   After years of hanging around the shop and working just enough to pay for the parts he breaks,  he has finally come on full time.  Now one of the lead mechanics at the Westport road location.