You may be a world class racer. You might not have ridden a bike since you were a kid and just want to get out and get some exercise.  Whatever the case,  we have you covered.

Mountain Bikes,  Road Bikes, BMX ,  Hybrid,  Electric and all the gear to match.


No appointment necessary.

From fork overhauls to custom wheel builds there are very few repairs  that we can't handle in house, and we can often handle small repairs while you wait.  Our focus however is on quality, not speed.  If we send it out the door we want it to be right.  Even so, most repairs are done in less than 48 hours.


Custom Builds

If you want to build a bike piece by piece from the frame up, we can do that.  Or what most people do is start with a stock build similar to what they want and swap out pieces until it is exactly right.  However you want to do it, we can work with your budget to get the perfect bike built for you.