RACE #5 Cancelled due to weather.  Sorry.

Winter Short Track Racing

Short track mountain bike racing for all ages and abilities from Kids races for 3 year olds to our A races with some of the top talent in the region.   Great way to keep your skills sharp and have some fun this winter.

All races will be held at the YMCA in Buckner KY.
 20 Quality Pl.  Buckner KY, 40010

Race Dates

Dec 4, 2021     Race 1     Results

Dec 18, 2021   Race 2     Results

Jan 8, 2022     Race 3     Results

Jan 22, 2022   Race 4    Results

Feb 5, 2021      Race 5    CANCELED (sorry)

Schedule of Events

1o:00AM     Course is open for Preride (Course is different each week)

10:30 AM     Registration opens -  Please save number plate from                               previous weeks. This will expedite your check-in process.                      Number plates will be reused when possible.

11:00 AM    Womens C and U14 races start (about 20 min)

11:30  AM    Mens C and U18   races start  (about 20 min)

12:00PM    Free Kids Race -  All are welcome,   designed for young  riders who are not comfortable on the big course.

12:20 PM     Womens A/B ,  Mens B and Single-Speed race starts       (about 30 min)

1:00PM         Mens A   Starts  (about 30min)

Entry Fees

Adult Race $20,    Youth Races (U14 and U18) $15,  Kids Race FREE

Rules and Regs

  • Standard Mountain Bike Racing rules apply.  In short this means ride courteously.
  • It is the responsibility of the passing rider to pass safely,  it is courteous for a rider being passed to allow faster riders by.  Willfully moving to cut off or block a passing rider is not allowed.
  • Races are on estimated time.    After the first lap, officials will use first lap time to determine the total number of laps for the race so that the leader will finish in about the time allotted.  When the lead rider finishes, all other riders will finish the lap they are on and then be done.   Results will be based on number of laps completed and the time it took to do them.


  1.  What race should my Kids ride in?

There are three youth categories, we do allow "racing up" in a more advanced category, but not generally racing down a category.  If you are 14 years old but not yet 18 years old,  you are expected to race the Under 18 (U18) category,  but we have seen a lot of situations where faster Juniors have decided to race with the adults.   In our first race we actually had a Junior Female,  race in with the Mens A race.  This is allowed,  just know you will be scored in the race you pick.      If you are under 14 years of age you have some options.  Generally riders 10-14 will ride in the under 14 (U14) race.   We ask that ALL RIDERS UNDER 14  pre-ride the course WITH AN ADULT to make sure they are comfortable on the course before registering.  If the are not comfortable on the big course we suggest riding the Kids race.  We will break the kids race down into age groups depending on who is registered for it.